The ciabot

Ciabot San Giorgio is the home of our family’s soul: here time stands still and nature brims over with life.
Under the stars of the Roero sky, while relaxing and enjoying good company, your thoughts become light and your heart rejoices.

Let the grass stroke your feet as you enjoy an excellent glass of wine accompanied by local specialities.
Soft lighting and laughter, set to the sound of blues playing in the background, will provide the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable evening.

Travellers, pilgrims, foreigners and especially the locals are welcome. Linger, listen to the sounds and enjoy the scents of this hillside that speaks of antiquity, of countless distant stories and infinite sunsets.

Ciabot San Giorgio - Degustazioni nel cuore del Roero

Make yourself comfortable and raise a toast together with us. We will take you on a discovery of the wines of Angelo Negro, our family winery.
A captivating journey through the classics of Piedmontese wine-making tradition, made from native grape varieties and vinified using traditional methods.

The love and respect for this territory, where we were raised and shaped, and which we want to tell you about sip by sip, resonates in every glass.

Ciabot San Giorgio - Degustazioni nel cuore del Roero

We offer you a taste of the most authentic Roero.
Our philosophy is simple: only locally sourced products from selected farms, prepared with care and artisan skill.

At Il Ciabot you will find traditional cold dishes, such as the platter of cold meats and cheeses, the classic “battuta di fassona”, “vitello tonnato”, anchovies in green sauce or vegetable “giardiniera”: the ideal accompaniment for a truly unforgettable tasting experience.

Ciabot San Giorgio - Degustazioni nel cuore del Roero

Ciabot San Giorgio - Degustazioni nel cuore del Roero


In around the year 1000, this hill was home to Pulciano Castle with the Church of San Giorgio: the first settlement of the village of Monteu Roero.
Abandoned for over 70 years, in 2006 the hill with its ciabot became the property of our family once again.

Three years of renovation work have restored dignity and value to this magical place, hidden for far too long by brushwood and overgrowth. Here, where Grandma Dina used to come to play with her brothers, where all the village children used to gather to celebrate Easter Monday, today there is harmony again between nature, earth and sky.

After more than 100 years, welcome back to Ciabot San Giorgio!

La storia del Ciabot San Giorgio
Giuseppe Negro

Landlord, chef, host of the Roero: Giuseppe is the soul of Ciabot San Giorgio.
After travelling the world for more than 15 years promoting the wines and history of the family business, he decided to follow his passion for cooking and crown his dream of opening a restaurant on this hill, with which he is deeply in love.

Giuseppe divides his time between the kitchen and the dining room “under the stars”, where he is always ready to offer advice, answer a guest’s questions or just enjoy a chat like you are lifelong friends.

Giuseppe Negro - Ciabot San Giorgio
Ciabot San Giorgio - Degustazioni nel cuore del Roero
The Roero

The Roero is a territory that is still uncontaminated and full of surprises, suspended between the wild beauty of the fortresses and woods and the gently rolling hills dotted with vineyards and orchards.

Castles, fortresses and ancient villages, wine-growing with a history stretching back thousands of years and culinary excellence: wonder is everywhere.

A place where you can breathe in the most authentic rural culture, rediscovering the value of slowness.

Ciabot San Giorgio - Degustazioni nel cuore del Roero

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Frazione Tre Rivi – Loc. Bordoni Bassi
12040 Monteu Roero (CN) Italy